I am a London based photographer specializing predominately in flower, plant and garden photography. I am fortunate enough to live close to Kew Royal Botanic Gardens, where I find much of my inspiration.

I have always had a love of flowers and gardens. The family business was a flower nursery in the Vale of Evesham. I lost track of the thousands of plant cuttings I took and planted whilst helping out there. I have a degree in botany which furthered my understanding and appreciation of the botanical world.

Alongside photography I sketch, draw and paint. I try and bring what I learn from creating art into my photographic knowhow.  The basic understanding of what makes a good painting also applies to what makes a good photograph. It’s what draws us in and makes us look closer and that often has little to do with actual subject matter or even how technically perfect it is.

2016 - Awarded "Highly Commended" in the International Garden Photographer of the Year, Monochrome Section.